Above & Beyond is a DE&I platform that helps strengthen diverse and inclusive organisations

Womenomics Nordic DE&I Conference

‘The Power of Diversity and Inclusion in Times of Turbulence’
Womenomics Nordic DE&I Conference, 2nd of May 2023, Tickets on sale now

US Women in Leadership Forum

A joint initiative by the US Embassy and Above & Beyond to explore Danish/US learnings regarding gender balanced leadership

Diversity Council Research: Danish Gender Equality Paradox

Diversity Council Research: Danish Gender Equality Paradox

The Diversity Pact with Dansk Erhverv

Along with Dansk Erhverv, Above & Beyond Group has initiated The Diversity Pact to increase DE&I across the Danish business community and state organisations. The pact is two-sided to engage both companies and politicians

A DE&I platform that fits your needs

Companies know diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is good for business, innovation and talent acquisition – but struggle to find global solutions with impact. This is where Above & Beyond Group offers unique 360 degree solutions.

Our DE&I platform has 8 solutions, that can be accessed and customised according to your organisational needs. You can access these solutions, either as an individual organisation or with cross-industry knowledge-sharing.

Our Clients

For the past 10 years, we have worked with some of largest Danish and international organisations as part of their DE&I strategy. Our solutions have been created to assist in strengthening the female talent pipeline, building a culture of belonging and securing inclusive leadership competencies.