Choose a degree that can make a difference. An educational background within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) can lead you to extraordinary careers. Get inspired with the stories of our fantastic role models.



Avantika Nair

“The goal is that we educate ourselves in the ever-changing technologies but also focus on how to ensure the bare minimum knowledge of STEM is provided to all. I believe it is key to inspire young women to consider educations in STEM, as that is the way towards gender equality in the workspace.”

Katrine Wieck Bundgaard

“Be yourself. It sounds too cliché, but it really is true! And dare to take the mandate, don’t wait for people to give it to you. Don’t overthink things and question whether you are doing it the right way, because there is no right or wrong and many ways can lead to the wanted result and success.”

Anna Lyster-Clausen

“Diversity informs, qualifies, and challenges innovation, and this is needed in order to create the best and most valuable future solutions – for the people and the planet.”


Karolina Rose

“Do not make assumptions – ask; communication is a key to success.”

Lone Munch Ringgaard

“I want other young female student to know that the environment in STEM is changing and moving away from the stereotype perception being a ‘male dominated’ and ‘dry’ area. Job offers within STEM are far more diverse and exiting, than perceived”

Nadja Apwisch

”Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t only focus on what you can do better. Instead remember to also focus on the things that go well and what you succeed at. By focusing on both what you do well and why, while also spotting areas for improvements and blind spots I believe that you can continue growing and becoming a better version of yourself. And don’t forget, your development will continue throughout your life.”


Louise Skott Kristensen

“It can be unmanageable to find the answer to “where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years…” Take one step at a time, find a role that suits you well, exploit potential and use this as a stepping stone for the next.”

Helle Mølgaard

“I enjoy keeping an open mind to how people perceive the world and why – to stay curious and learn. I accept the differences and try to understand them, but I will also fight for the right to keep my own view.”

Anita Winther

“At Nature Energy, we make a difference in the world every day, one cubic meter of green gas at a time.”


Kim Nicole Dalby

“STEM education has been shaping the future for decades, and now is no exception. The climate emergency (including water scarcity), the energy crisis, Artificial Intelligence, our reliance on computing technology and social media – these are all areas where we need STEM people to innovate, develop and teach not only the next generation, but to really tell the older generations that we need to do things differently now.”

Neda Omidvari

“Promoting diversity and inclusion goes together with creating a healthy and trust-based culture, which leads to an environment where people can thrive and deliver their best.”

Sundus Cordelia Ramli


Elife Savas

“My mom is my role model. She does not have an education but is a very intelligent woman. It taught me that education can lead you far in life, but personality, character, and values even more.”

Janne Bonde

“Never compromise on the character of the people you work with. I would rather have a little less perfect job description or lower salary if I can work with the right people in an organization with a healthy culture. I have held a number of career positions over the years, and it has never failed that when you work with good people you thrive and develop. I believe in it so much that in interview processes, I have asked for the personality profiles of potential new bosses to make sure that our values align.”


Stine Grenaa Jensen

“I have three words for my younger self: Motivation, skills and networks. Motivation: Choose pathways based on motivation, not prestige. Skills: Use your skills wisely, use them where you make a difference in collaboration with others. Networks: A vital part of your development and career – diverse networks create more opportunities.”

Rie Gath

“I love enabling our organization to work better together and better across the entire company. It requires overview, tenacity, and strong relations, but when you build that, you can really raise the bar and make things happen.”

Hanne Binder

“Remember that great opportunities are not only for those who top perform every single time. Every day is not an exam, and nobody thinks less of you if you are open about challenges or mistakes. Do not be afraid to take the opportunities that occur and find someone with whom you can share the doubts you have about which way to go.”


Carmen Dincu

“In the very beginning of my corporate life, I was every afraid of failure, or to challenge the views of my peers or managers. With time, however, I have learned that this mindset was limiting my creativity and stopping me from speaking up or creating better solutions. Therefore, my piece of advice is to see failure as an opportunity for growth and learning.”

Cornelia Weiler

“Everything that seems scary and intimidating is much less scary once you are in the middle of it. That applies to camping by yourself in the woods, studying mechanical engineering, and taking on your first leadership role. When I’m scared, I always ask myself: Is this really dangerous? What’s the worst thing that can happen? Usually, the conclusion is that there is no reason to not try. Just get started, take one step at a time, and don’t forget to look back and be proud of what you achieved!”

Elisa Fedato

“I have learned that being emotional is not a weakness and it should not be hidden because your emotions are part of your personality, which is what ultimately makes you, you.”


Anna Maria Nygaard Nielsen

“I am relatively young. However, given my relatively short career span, my advice to young female students would be not to hesitate in seizing opportunities, even if they seem impossible. If others believe in you, you should take the challenge. Often, it is the challenges that seem most daunting that lead to the most significant learning and opportunities. Do not allow the fear of failure to hinder your progress.”

Lone Mortensen

“You must seize chances and opportunities when they are given. We are so good at telling ourselves that “I’m probably not good enough / competent enough for that”. We become an obstacle for ourselves. It’s important to also say to yourself: “I haven’t tried that before, so I can do that”. See the options. Be brave. Be honest.”

Rikke Møller Fastø

“I have learned that it is important to say ‘yes’ to the oppertunities that are given to you and not to listen to the fear of not succeding or not being good enough yet.”


Maria Dårstad Perez

“My advice to my younger self would be to focus on trying different things in the beginning of your career, because the things you become good at are the things people will keep asking you for help with. So, make sure it’s something you actually enjoy doing.”

Line Nørgaard

“Make your headwind, your tailwind. When I just graduated from university and pursued a career in AI, I felt like an outsider, because I approached AI very differently from my colleagues. With time I found that it is my edge and how I can provide even more value to a solution.”

Christina Schak Møller

“Some of the best experiences when I look back has for example been taking a break between my bachelor and my master to go work in Vietnam at the Danish Embassy, and buying an old van and drive across the US for a couple of months. It extended my studies, but I learned a lot along the way.”


Lara Jewinat

“I derive motivation, from being part of initiatives that contribute to an environmentally friendly world knowing that our endeavors are actively promoting a sustainable future.”