Lara Jewinat


“I derive motivation, from being part of initiatives that contribute to an environmentally friendly world knowing that our endeavors are actively promoting a sustainable future.”

Name: Lara Jewinat
Title: Engineering Director
Company: Ørsted
Degree: MBA/IE Business School and B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering/Jordan University of Science and Technology

  1. Introduce yourself, and share a fun fact that makes you unique!

My name is Lara Jewinat. I am 46 years old. I hold an MBA/IE Business School and B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering/Jordan University of Science and Technology.

A fun fact about me is, that I hope I can sail the world one day.

  1. What does a day in your life look like as a Engineering Director at Ørsted?

A typical day for me as an Engineering Director at Ørsted involves setting directions and aligning with various stakeholders on project-related issues. There is a lot of personal reflection, as well as strategizing on how to lead effectively, foster the best collaboration and culture, and execute our project seamlessly.

  1. What motivates and excites you the most about your career path and the leadership position you hold?

What really drives and energizes me about my position is the opportunity to be involved in an organization and a project team that is making a difference, in the world. Leading and motivating a group of individuals helping them succeed in our projects and witnessing their growth while supporting their aspirations and professional development are incredibly rewarding aspects of my role. Moreover I derive motivation, from being part of initiatives that contribute to an environmentally friendly world knowing that our endeavors are actively promoting a sustainable future. 

Moreover my strong drive, for this leadership role stems from my desire to serve as an influence and inspiration for aspiring female engineers encouraging them to strive for leadership positions, in the future. I am committed to breaking barriers and promoting diversity and inclusion in the engineering field, and I take great pride in the responsibility of being a role model for the next generation of female leaders.

  1. Share with us the biggest lessons you learned on your journey to where you are today.

While perseverance and doing one’s best are crucial for career advancement, it is equally essential to seek a mentor who can provide guidance and a sponsor who believes in your capabilities and supports your career journey. Having the right mentor and sponsor play a pivotal role in propelling your professional growth and helping you navigate the path to success. ‘

  1. Tell us about a (female) role model who inspired you to become the leader you are today, and how (s)he impacted you personally or professionally.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is someone I’ve always looked up to. Her contribution as a trailblazer for gender equality and her legacy of fighting for justice, equality, and inclusivity is a beacon of hope and inspiration for me.

  1. If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, or to other young female students today, what would it be?

Cultivate a purposeful network and seek out a good mentor.

  1. How do you see STEM education shaping the future?

The importance of STEM education to all genders cannot be underestimated. It plays a key role in shaping the future of humanity and the future of our planet. Promoting STEM education in a more creative and compelling manner that attracts and fosters diversity and emphasizes on inclusivity will further ignite inspiration among future generations, empowering them to address world’s challenges in a more inclusive way. Additionally, it ensures that ethical considerations are in the forefront of progress across all industries leading to a better and more sustainable tomorrow for everyone.

  1. Why is it important for you to promote diversity and inclusion within STEM?

Promoting diversity and inclusion within STEM is essential. Women are half of society, and their perspectives have been underrepresented in designing solutions and products worldwide. To achieve a truly inclusive world, it is imperative to incorporate the female lens into STEM fields. By doing so, we can foster a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive world. This encompasses diverse aspects, from cities and infrastructure to products and solutions, all of which will benefit from a broader range of perspectives and ideas. Embracing diversity in STEM empowers women to actively contribute to shaping a better future for everyone. It is a strategic imperative for driving progress, spurring innovation, and creating a brighter and more equitable future for everyone.

  1. What steps has your company taken to promote a more diverse and inclusive workplace, and which one has been the most effective?

Below is from Ø

“Ørsted strive to be an inclusive workplace where you’re respected for who you are, valued for the unique perspectives you bring, and rewarded fairly for what you achieve.  Ørsted wants all employees to have the same opportunities for impact and growth, no matter their age, race, ethnicity, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation or whether they have a disability.
To us, sustainability is more than a commitment to the environment. It’s also how we engage with and serve the communities to which we belong. Sustainability to us also means focusing on the social elements of our environment and creating an inclusive workplace for everyone.”

One action Ørsted has taken seriously is Embedding D&I in the core of the business.

“To develop the way we lead, diversity and inclusion (D&I) needs to be embedded in our business strategy and central to all our decisions.  That is why we work with leaders, processes and policies to bring our vision to life and why we have decided to start our journey with a gender balance ambition of 60:40.