Above & Beyond Consulting offers bespoke guidance and solutions across the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) roadmap

Our consulting offer includes DE&I awareness, strategy, targets and KPIs, education and communication, and more. We help create DE&I journeys and successful outcomes

Strategy, Awareness and Targets

  • Draft your DE&I strategy, while creating awareness and support in your leadership
  • Look at your data and set achievable DE&I targets
  • Ensure reporting and compliance in accordance with new legislation
  • Engage all levels of the organisation, including leadership teams
  • Create effective communication in support of organisational change
  • Create a tailored DE&I codex in your industry

Leadership, Mentorship and Allyship

  • Understand and build a culture of allyship
  • Create strong mentorship or sponsorship initiatives for all talent levels
  • Develop impactful programs for future leaders



Learning and HR Processes

  • Build an effective DE&I journey
  • Develop performance management, hiring, and promotion processes through a DE&I lens
  • Establish inclusive teaming



Parental leave

  • Engage and support individuals on parental leave – before, during, and after
  • Build a strong parental leave coaching program
  • Develop supportive HR practices for parents
  • Ensure parental leave policies in accordance with local legislation
  • Implement effective hybrid working policies