We are extremely thrilled to announce Rolf Kjærgaard as our new Non-Executive Advisor. With a remarkable background as the former CEO of Vækstfonden (now Danmarks Eksport – og Investeringsfond), Rolf brings to the table extensive strategic knowledge, especially in terms of exponential growth and impact investments. Rolf’s international expertise will be instrumental in assisting us at Amaliegade, and our many dedicated partner companies, in our transformative journey towards achieving global DE&I impact.
In the words of Rolf Kjærgaard (can we add his LinkedIn caption here, as a ‘screenshot from the website’?) “What Tine Arentsen Willumsen and the entire Above & Beyond Group team have accomplished so far is truly remarkable. Already a leading voice on why DE&I is not only the right outlook to have when it comes to human interaction, but also why it makes so much business sense. With a strong knowledge platform in place, and coupled with a strategy for leveraging the compelling partner base, I’m really excited to take part in the next phase on the company’s trajectory to become a catalyst for change in DE&I across the globe.”

We are very exciting for times ahead!