Gitte Bro Gjede


“It’s fine to have long-term career goals, but be ready to change direction”

Name: Gitte Bro Gjede
Date of birth: 23rd October 1970
Title: Director
Company: PwC
Degree: Master of Science and Economics, Syddansk Universitet

What do you find most interesting about your career and your leadership position?

Throughout my career I have been driven by helping others and doing my job well. I did that in my first job as an analyst, where I had to develop forecasts and other tools for my colleagues. This has also been true after I became a manager and thus had to help others grow and fulfil their roles in the best possible way. In addition, I have been so privileged to have had managers around me who have had confidence in my abilities and who have therefore continuously given me new challenges. When I was contacted to move from the financial world to the consulting profession, I also took that chance and I have not regretted it. Here, too, I can help our customers with their problems and make a difference for them, while, at the same time, we are constantly working to improve internally – individually and as a team.

What has been crucial to get you to where you are today?

Focussing on the present and doing well wherever I am. In addition to having a continuous focus on selflessly developing colleagues and the business. It has also been an advantage for me that, through my education and subsequent career, I have the prerequisites to work with technology, business and people. The fact that I have had managers who have given me new opportunities has also played an important role.

Tell us about a female role model and the impact they had on you – either personally or professionally?

I have been lucky enough to have been surrounded by many talented women and men throughout both my education and my career, and I have taken inspiration from many of them, in different ways. And on the private side, my mother, sister and husband have inspired me to jump into new challenges and believe in myself – when others believe in me, why doubt myself?

What advice would you give to young female students today?

Believe in yourself and how others see you. If you do well, contribute actively to the common goals and take on new challenges when they arise, someone will probably notice you and want you on their team. It’s fine to have long-term career goals, but be ready to change direction. Don’t forget where you are and what is required of you right now in your pursuit of future goals.

Looking into the future, what role do you think STEM education will have?

Information is data, and the use of data will only increase going forward. Technology, data and logical connections will, among other things, be decisive in streamlining our business and processes, so that we can reduce costs, meet the customer’s expectations for e.g. efficient delivery of products and to ensure we comply with various legislation. STEM has been important for a long time and I believe it will only become even more important in the future.